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Pastry shops abound in the Greek community of Astoria. The most Old World of all is VICTORY SWEET SHOP. Somewhat resembling a small-town luncheonette, it has a single counter with five stools and a selection of bubble gum, Hershey bars, M & M's and Milky Ways. However, its fascination lies in the row of glass-lidded bins of homemade pastries. The cookies called amigdalota, which look mundane, are delicious, with a crunchy crust with slivered almonds and a chewy, moist interior. The diamond-shaped cookies called kourambiedes are buried in a snowbank of powdered sugar; don't exhale when you bite in. Baklava comes in appealing miniature versions.



This rating is based around my purchases around holidays like Easter, New Years, and Christmas. Around the above holidays, the pastries such as the macaroons, tsoureki, and baklava are fresh and very tasty! Make sure you go extremely early though (when the place opens) so you can avoid the crowed. Considering the place is small is to begin with, add over 30 Greeks in there and you got yourself waiting outside or squished in some corner. I have not been here on non- holiday days but I bet they are just as good. Discover this place and you think you have found Greek pastry heaven.

BAKLAVA! It was pouring so hard we could barely see the street signs. But my partner had to have baklava! I used my Yelp phone app and found we were one u-turn away from this perfect-sounding place. He went for baklava and came back with a box o'stuff (cheap!) Plenty good baklava and the custard-filled similar thingie, honey cake, cookies. All yummy. And very friendly service. Thanks, Yelp! It was experiences like this that inspired me to give back and share reviews.

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I am a resident of the eastern Bronx where the typical Italian bakery really takes the cake! no pun intended. however, i have to be truly honest when i say Victory Sweet Shop is superb. The best almond cookies i have ever eaten, hands down, biscotti perfectly tempered, and baklava like no other. To put it simply, if this bakery were in Manhattan, we would have people saying "Magnolia who?", and their prices would be ten-fold - I'm telling you, this little family owned, off the beaten path, shop is WELL worth going slightly out of the way. Major plus if you speak greek to the man behind the counter!

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The best!
The best Greek sweet shop in Astoria NY!
Always very friendly,and very clean!
Try the galaktopoureko.
michael g.

Greek bakery
this is the finest greek bakery in astoria , it is small but everything is fresh and tastes so good,,, the galaboukio is the best,, the have mini pastries and large ones.. they sell the greek easter breads and have great greek cookies too,, they are not cheap but the goods are worth it,,it is located near the end of steinway not near the hustle and bustle of steinway street.. but it is worth the walk.

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